Our Mission

It is our intent to invest in the children of tomorrow in all societies around the globe.

As an organization based on Judeo Christian values, we recognize that community starts with the ability to maintain family structure as a functioning unit including fathers, mothers and children.

It is our intent to create communities where families can receive instruction, guidance and help in maintaining the balance of a 3-tiered family structure, eliminating the unnecessary splitting of families due to lack of the ability to provide for the family

Outreach centers and daycares will be provided, while parents learn the necessary skills in training for new jobs.  In addition, we will work with adolescent parents to teach parenting skills on finances, hygiene and nutrition.  Our facilities will be youth focused, training young men and women to be future Christian leaders, based on principles of unity and discipleship.

Abroad, we will implement a family reunification and kinship care program that helps children reunite with their birth family or extended family members.  Currently, many orphaned children have living parents, but dire poverty and/or other conditions make their return home precarious. We will work with local families who have the means to care for youth and assist with food and shelter, while working with the parent(s) to achieve employment and housing, and achieve the means to reunite with their children.

Nutritional centers will teach proper nutrition, food preparation and preservation as well as provide a cupboard for those in need through meal programs.  It is also our goal to provide long term solutions by developing agricultural farming programs and to deploy aquaponic farming wherever possible to create sustainable income and food sources for the local community.

When necessary, we will aid in providing clean drinking water through water purification systems, wells and through innovative design based on the conditions and environmental factors pertaining to the community.  We will help to Implement proper sanitation programs for waste of all sorts.  To date, we have been involved in 2 successful water filtration fundraisers, in conjunction with the Ugandan Water Project and have raised $2,550 and distributed 54 water filtration systems to Nalagugu, Africa.

We will also implement a program for women who have been exploited, abused and abandoned.  Our programs will deal with real world problems and offer support in abuse prevention, safe-migration and trafficking awareness, general and maternal health, vocational training and literacy,  family counseling, and discipleship.

At Hopeschild International, we believe that dream that’s hoped for, can be achieved through family, communal structure, education and funding, and it is our aim to do our part.

So, please follow us and pray with us, as walk the path that He has graciously given us.

Thank you and May He Richly Bless You All!

Our Team