Pantry Helpers

The opportunity to serve in our local communities has never been greater.  We at Hopeschild International will never turn a blind eye to hunger if we have the chance to meet a need.  There are so many ways that YOU can  be a part of serving others.  From contributing in the groceries of another, to preparing a hot meal to fill a tummy.  Not only are there 1000’s of hungry children in our local communities, but there are also thousands of indigent or elderly individuals who live on fixed incomes, who have not the means to procure healthy meals 365 days a year.  Let’s not let another human being go to bed hungry when the sun sets.


The Summit, Cleveland, Tn.


At Hopeschild International, we will continue to meet these needs by:

Hot Meal Planning, serving and delivering

Groceries Delivery

Proper Nutrition Classes

Financial/Budget Planning Semi-Annually


We will post updates in our newsletter, advising how you may be a part of these local drives as we schedule these events.  Or, you may wish to donate to the Hopeschild International/Pantry Helpers to meet these ongoing needs.



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